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Silicon Steel

We are a Taiwan based company specialized in oriented and non-oriented silicon steel with operation offices in China. Best win international Co., Ltd. as a sales agent for Wisco China all over the world.


Wisco owns a world-advanced professional silicon steel production line, with a complete process from ore melting to hot-rolling, cold-rolling, annealing, surface processing and find packing, etc; since the 70’s of last century, through introducing, digestion, absorption and continuous innovation, not only masters the core cold-rolling silicon steel manufacturing technology, but also successfully applied plenty of manufacturing patents; develops several high-quality silicon steel products with self-owned intellectual properties and realizes the complete main sizes; with advanced domestic quality and top grade all over the world; with annual productivity of more than 500 thousand tons cold-rolling silicon steel and non-oriented silicon steel of 1.6 million tons, the total silicon steel productivity exceeds 2 million tons, it is the silicon steel production base with the maximum unit productivity all over the world.


The oriented silicon steel is mainly used for the manufacturing of all kinds of transformers, reactors, inductor and large-scale generator iron core. According to the different magnet property, the oriented silicon steel is divided into HiB steel and regular oriented silicon steel. Compared to the regular oriented silicon steel, HiB steel has higher magnet strength, lower iron loss and lower magnetostrictive.


The oriented silicon steel of WISCO has excellent electromagnetic property, excellent processing property, high thickness precision, smooth plate and good surface.


The non-oriented silicon steel is mainly used for the manufacturing of all kinds of rotation motor and electronic transformer iron core. According to the different production and process conditions, it can be divided into complete process type non-oriented silicon steel and semi-process type non-oriented silicon steel; in addition, according to the professional area, the dedicated non-oriented silicon steel is also developed.

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